Specialized services

We offer specialized services to meet industry programs and standards as well as providing top-notch service tailored to our clients’ needs. Our experience and expertise in API tanks, viagra for sale mechanical integrity and shutdown management are renowned across Canada and overseas. Our clients rely on our know-how and high technical performance in cases of critical issues related to their industrial facilities.

API Tanks

Genesys is a proven service provider to the aboveground storage tank Industry. We have an extensive track record of successful storage and distribution terminal projects.
Genesys’ expertise includes Feasibility studies, viagra buy generic Engineering, clinic Inspection services for new tanks and tank repairs and modifications according to API (API 650, API 653, API 579, etc.), and clients’ standards.

Our depth of experience with storage tanks and complimentary facilities covers all stages of the projects including:

  • 1. Surveying
    • Measurement of roundness
    • Measurement of verticality
    • Measurement of differential settlement
    • Expertise in 3D scan
  • 2. Preliminary and detailed engineering
    • Scope definition
    • Preliminary calculations
    • Cost estimate (initially +-30%, then +-10%)
    • Proposed schedule
    • Detailed calculations based on API standards
    • Multi-discipline specifications and data sheets
    • Drawings and specifications for construction
  • 3. Inspection
    • Inspection procedures
    • Inspection plans (in & out services)
  • 4. Construction & Commissioning
    • Construction management
    • Pre-operational verifications (POV) and commissioning services
  • 5. Other specialized services
    • Structural analysis
    • Wind and seismic analysis
    • Settlement evaluation & correction
    • Fitness-for-service evaluation
    • Failure analysis
    • Cathodic protection
    • Corrosion analysis
    • Metallurgical evaluation


Genesys team adopts the latest technologies to add value to customers’ projects. Our major API working tools include:

  • Autoplant 3D modeling
  • 3D scan
  • Intergraph API tank
  • Innovative Tank Solution
  • Ansys, Cosmos
  • Solidworks
  • FE/Pipe

Mechanical Integrity

The Mechanical Integrity services of a Process Safety Management is intended to ensure critical process equipment that is designed and installed correctly, in order to operate properly. Our team specialists cover the appropriate design, procurement, installation, and operation of equipment throughout the entire process life cycle, in compliance with the applicable requirements of the industrial standards.

Genesys’ Mechanical Integrity services include:

  • SITU PWHT of a corroded process tower
  • Design and calculations of reactor, boilers, pressure vessels, storage tanks and others
  • Static and dynamic stress analysis
  • Piping systems including valves and other components
  • Fitness-for-Service evaluation methodologies and calculations
  • Leak analysis on flange, bolt torquing and tensioning procedure
  • Developing inspection test plans
  • Shop and Field Monitoring, Inspection and Expediting of equipment
  • Inspection and Maintenance planning
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Shutdown management

Genesys has built experience with the Shutdown of plants, where a defined down period for a plant is planned for scheduled maintenance during an extended period of time. We provide services for plant shutdown management and supply resources to support clients across a variety of disciplines for the different phases of shutdown and to ensure clients’ turnarounds are successful in terms of safety, quality, cost and schedule.

We have successfully completed many projects in shutdown management at oil and gas facilities and petrochemical refineries. Our areas of services include different stages of the overall processes below: