Upgrading of a corn-ethanol facility

Varennes, Quebec, Canada


GreenField is the leading specialty ethanol producer in Canada, with an export business in grain neutral spirits. The Greenfield Ethanol Varennes plant, a model for water and energy efficiency, is the first ethanol plant to be built in Quebec.

In 2008, Greenfield Ethanol decided to undergo a site wide expansion in order to achieve additional throughputs to reach up to 175 MMLPY. Genesys played a major role in the plant upgrade offering a major support and expertise, which involved the upgrading of the vacuum distillation section, modifications to the existing plate & frame exchangers, the addition of a new centrifuge and a new cooling tower and the upgrading and replacement of various pumps. It was also suggested that a fourth fermenting tank must be installed in order to reach higher targets in the years to come.


  • Year of realization : 2008
  • Project value : 5.5 Million USD

Services offered

  • Real time heat balance throughout the fermentation cycles
  • Troubleshooting, simulation and design modifications for the vacuum distillation column and its auxiliary systems
  • Establishment of current and future site-wide cooling needs
  • New distribution network and cooling water usage optimization plan
  • Hydraulic calculations, pumps, exchangers and relief valve specification sheets
  • Design, engineering, construction support and start-up assistance