Propylene Recovery

St-Romuald Refinery, Quebec, Canada


The Valero Jean-Gaulin refinery intended to recover refinery grade propylene (RGP) from the Cat Poly Unit (Unit 14) feed stream. Depending on market values of Refinery Grade Propylene, the propylene could either be recovered in a new processing unit to be sold as a finished product, or co-processed with the BB components into a gasoline blend stock at unit 14, as it is currently the case. It is expected that 6970 BPSD of RGP could be recovered from the 16,000 BPSD of the BB – PP mixture that would otherwise feed Unit 14.


  • Year of realization : 2012
  • Project value : 100 Million USD

Services offered

  • Review of existing Hysys Process simulations provided by Valero
  • Develop process design in sufficient detail to define the scope for Phase 2 work (±30% estimate)
  • Provide a ±30% cost estimate for evaluating the Lead Case Development Engineering Package
  • Confirm plot plan requirements and limitations
  • Provide a list of engineering deliverables and equipment lead times
  • Secure design for long lead equipment to enable prompt purchase
  • Provide a preliminary abridged project execution plan and schedule