New toluene condenser & benzene reboiler

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Coastal Petrochemical of Canada, whose Montreal plant produces paraxylene, used to make polyester and plastic bottles, aimed at achieving a significant reduction in the high pressure steam consumption of their benzene recovery tower.

Genesys’ mandate consisted of conducting a study to figure out technical alternatives to better reach their targets, which were then assessed before agreeing on implementing a novel heat integration scheme thus allowing a reduction of 15000 lbs/hr to be successfully attained.


  • Year of realization : 2003
  • Project value : 5 Million USD

Services offered

  • Engineering of overall layout for new equipment and high pressure piping
  • Process simulation of the Benzene unit
  • Equipment design and sizing
  • Optimization of the piping layout using sophisticated 3D software
  • Stress Analysis of the piping network
  • Configuration and programming of the new control loops
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning & Start-up