Genesys awarded Saturate C3+ recovery project

February 2, 2012 - News

Valero Jean-Gaulin Refinery plans to develop a second project in parallel to Propylene recovery project in order to recover the LPG saturates and heavier components currently found in the off gas streams from units 45 (ULSD) and unit 51 (isomerisation). The Saturate C3+ project will use a classical absorber / debutaniser column combination with naphtha as the absorbent medium.

The recovery of the components in the LPG boiling range is the main objective of this project. These valuable products amount to 3100 BPSD. They will be recovered as the overhead liquid from the debutaniser column and sent to unit 55 for further processing.
A secondary objective is to recover as much of the components from the gas feed which are in the C5+ boiling range. The project targets a recovery of 95% which represents an estimated 200 BPSD that would be mostly recovered in the drag naphtha from the unit that will be sent to unit 18 (Distillation).

Genesys has been awarded contract for the delivery of the Lead Case Development Engineering Package and a cost estimate of ±30% accuracy.