Genesys awarded Propylene recovery project

February 2, 2012 - News

Valero Jean-Gaulin Refinery intends to recover refinery grade propylene (RGP) from the Cat Poly Unit (Unit 14) feed stream. Depending on market values of Refinery Grade Propylene, best viagra pills cheap the Propylene could either be recovered in a new processing unit to be sold as a finished product or co-processed with the BB components into a gasoline blend stock at unit 14, sildenafil doctor as is currently the case. It is expected that 6970 BPSD of RGP could be recovered from the 16, sovaldi 000 BPSD of the BB – PP mixture that would other wise feed Unit 14.

The new Propylene Recovery Unit would essentially comprise a propylene recovery column (C3/C4 Splitter), a propylene water stripper and their auxiliary equipment. New storage, testing and certification facilities would be required along with rail car loading stations, complete with spurs and loading arms. The project would also include the expected integration into the current flare and utilities (steam/condensate/cooling water/fire water) networks. The cooling water needs exceed the current capacity available at the refinery.

Genesys is mandated to provide the Lead Case Development Engineering Package and a ±30% cost estimate. This project could be commissioned by December 2015 within the base design conditions.