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Our sustainability approach is based on three focus areas: People, HSE and Quality. They are critical for the growth of the organization and the development of resources in a safe and productive environment.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Health, Safety and Environment Policy :
Genesys is committed to completing its realizations while protecting both its employees and the public. At Genesys, we believe accidents and injuries can always be avoided and we assume responsibility to take all necessary measures to prevent them.
We acknowledge that preventing accidents and pollution contributes to the well-being of our clients, employees and the community in whole and is also critical to our durability.
To accomplish this we must:

  • Comply to the established regulations and the laws as well as our clients’ policies and specific demands
  • Work within a documented health and safety system
  • Ensure that our employees benefit from the proper training, tools and resources necessary for safe execution of their tasks
  • Sensitize our employees about health and safety at work and encourage them to show leadership and responsibility in this matter
  • Measure our performance as far as health and safety are concerned according to the established standards and communicate the results to our employees
  • Learn from our experiences and constantly improve our health, safety and environment standards
  • Promote a culture in which every employee, subcontractor, partner and contractor shares this commitment to health, safety and environment.


At Genesys, we put the satisfaction of our clients at the center of our priorities. Our objective is to build and maintain a strong and trustful relationship with our clients by ensuring the quality of our services, the competitiveness of our prices and the respect of project deadlines.
This implies:

  • Continuously improving our work processes
  • Maintaining a rigorous cost and quality control system
  • Continuous staff training to enhance their expertise and know-how
  • Ensuring the satisfaction of our clients
  • Our quality policy is a formal commitment by Genesys to its clients in order to reinforce its reputation of excellence and to position itself in regards to the competition.


We understand that our success is attributable to our employees’ talent, ethics and dedication to our mission. The quality of our work is directly related, more than any other business, to the quality of our resources. The coordination of project stakeholders requires professional, technical, human qualities and values to contribute to project success. Our engineers and technicians use these qualities and values to accomplish better projects. Genesys’ management team is formed by young, results-driven professionals with significant and progressive experience in engineering, project management, construction and commissioning.